east coast, can yall really feel me?

9:13 am on a Wednesday seems like a great time for an update.  And here it is:

I ended up spending the last month or so bumbling around the northeast, visiting friends and learning that the universal truths of 23-year-olds at the moment seem to deal with lack of jobs, funds, and certainty.  So while I still don’t have much of a plan, I at least feel backed up.  And we always have new episodes of Glee, Gossip Girl, Modern Family, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and 30 Rock to keep us warm.

In other news, I’m back at Adam and Harper’s once again, hanging out with a precious babe and applying for jobs like they’re going out of style (which they are.  entrepreneurs, yall feel me?).  Yesterday I hit the big 3-5 in job applications and felt just a wee bit sad that the only positive (or negative, for that matter) response I’ve gotten is a higher education company that will pay me $24 per weekly article.  Not exactly ‘fabulous life of…’ kinda dough.  But for now I’ll take it!

This weekend I’m going to Boston and plan on doing a little bit of work on the cd with Alex.  In my original timeline, I would’ve been waiting for the finished product to come back all shiny and crisp this week; however, something about all this wandering has given me ants in the pants, and now I’m going a different direction with the sound of the cd and my music in general.  This summer I had a hard time writing much of anything, and in the last few weeks I’ve realized that it’s because I’m a little sick of girlish, softish acoustic music.  A few of my more recent songs have headed in a rockier, grittier direction, and I want to explore pushing that even farther.  Picture the Black Keys with a chick singer and some southern piano in the mix.  Throw some bumpkin chic dresses in there, and you have what I’m hoping to come up with.  Now to find some dirty-looking boys…

For the record, this is what comes up when you google ‘dirty-looking boys.’  I might need a new game plan.

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3 weeks later

I keep starting to feel bad for not updating this thang called blog, but then remind myself that a) it’s MY blog, and i’ma do what I want, and b) who really gives a shit.  Ah, love ya internal dialogue, you keep me so young.  Anyway, at the moment I’m sitting on the floor in Adam and Harper’s living room in New Jersey, trying to map out these next couple weeks of my east coast trip (I’m on the coast!  Who knew?) and trying to map out my life in a couple ways.  As I said a few too many times in other posts, I really do enjoy my job in Omaha, and I can’t say enough good things about my family and friends, but I’ve just started to feel a little…stifled.  Being on the road and on my own has helped clear my head a little bit more than being back home had already cleared it, and I’m feeling really fresh and positive.  I also skipped my flight back to Omaha in favor of bumming around eastern states for an indefinite amount of time, which feels kind of dangerous and free, and has given me a new outlook on making spur of the moment decisions, because, once again…who really gives a shit?

That’s really all I can definitely put together today, but maybe next time I’ll have a few new plans in the blogomix!  That gooey, gooey blogomix.

Wait!  I DO have something else…  Vid’yas!  I went to Boston last week to sing with my college a cappella group at freshman orientation, and another group sang a Grace Potter song, so I’ve been that kinda mood lately…

and if you’re interested in my group, check out this one of us singing my song ’22’:

and have a good one!


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1, 2, buckle my shoe/here’re some songs by badass womenfolk, hope you like ’em too:

tightrope, janelle monae– i adore this woman, these outfits, this dance, this video concept, the old catholic grade school feel. oh yeah, and the song.

drumming song, florence + the machine– alternately, i think i’m going to try to forget i ever saw this music video. i was really digging the song, but this video may have just ruined it for me. ah well, we had some good times together, drumming song.

fold it like phyllo, snowblink–this song is beautiful and calming and melodic, and most of all reminds me of a dear friend and some roadtrip i don’t think i ever actually took. pointless nostalgia. but such a nice song!

happy watching & listening.

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temporary roots

I think I’m losing my mind.  Or maybe just the ability to make it up.  In the two months before graduation, I moved swiftly between my ‘Be Broke In New York’ plan to my ‘Be Broke in San Francisco’ plan, to my ‘Be Moderately Financially Stable in Boston Since I Already Have a Job Here’ plan, finally ending on my ‘Move to Omaha for a Few Months, In October Wander Around Country Stopping at Bars and Playing Music with Jes, Then Head to New York in November’ plan.  That last one has stuck around for the longest, I guess, but now that I’m starting to get more comfortable here in Nebraska, with a job I like pretty well and family and friends who are always down to do something fun, the plan is starting to blur around the edges again.  Even my cd, which has been in the works for about five months now, is starting to fray.  I’m supposed to be going to Boston in a week to work on the final touches with Alex, but I haven’t even finished writing the last two songs for it yet.  Oy vey to the max, y’all.

The reason that this is starting to get tricky is that, since I’d planned on being out of Omaha at some point during the fall, I didn’t set up any gigs here after August.  The end of August is pretty much here, and I have no intentions of getting out of here right now.  As a matter of fact, I’m starting to think about maybe staying until the spring!  Gahh!  But if I’m going to be here for awhile, I’d realllllly like to start a band– something I’ve always avoided when I’ve come home, since it was always only for a couple months at a time.  Now that I’m considering staying here for awhile longer, I’m getting all wistful at the idea of joining up with a couple other musician-types.  It’s just so much more fun to share the stage with other people, and make music you can dance to a little bit…

How does anyone make these decisions?  I like where I am right now, but I don’t want to look back five years from now and regret putting roots down in Omaha when I should’ve been focusing on other plans.  How do you just plant temporary roots?

Hmm…  well, in the vein of band wistfulness, here’s a little clip from a show I played in Boston in May:  the joker — at some point, Charlie forgets the words, and the song doesn’t even have a real ending, but I’m getting so pathetically band-nostalgic that I’m convincing myself that’s charming.

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still haven’t found what i’m looking for

23 is sort of a big deal.  Michael Jordan wore it when he played for the Chicago Bulls, Jim Carrey made a movie out of it (although, since it came after Ace Ventura, I have a feeling it wasn’t a good movie), Tristan Prettyman had so much faith in the number that she named an album after it.  Jessica Simpson once famously and intelligently remarked that 23 is ‘old.  It’s almost 25, which is almost, like, mid-20s.’

So this weekend, when my twenty-third birthday approached, I started feeling a little pressured.  Here I am, living at my parents’ house, waitressing around 20 hours a week, and spending a little more time than is socially appropriate hanging out with Small Dog.  Of course, I keep trying to remind myself that I’m taking these days and months to save money so that I’m ready for my move to New York, work on this album, and try to set up a tour to promote it.  But all of this stagnation is starting to wear on me, and this pressure of creating something that I’m proud of (the new cd) and believe is representative of the past couple years is making me a little crazy.

At any rate, after a lot of thought and a few too many adult beverages this weekend, I’m starting to realize that there are other reasons for me to be in this place and time.  Most people don’t have the luxury of free room and board, many are having a hard time finding employment right now, and very few are allowed the opportunity to take a few months off of the grind to work on creative endeavors.  The second realization (post-adult beverages) is that I am wreaking havoc on my body.  I’m not sure if it actually was some sort of birthday revelation, or if it’s because I’m reading Eat Pray Love (I’m not ashamed!  Ok…maybe a little), but in the last day or two, I’ve been thinking a lot about how disrespectful I’ve been to my body over the last few years.  This thing’s gotta last me a bit longer, and not only that, it’s the only connection my mind has with the physical world!  Not to get all metaphysical, it’s just really sinking in that I need to respect this body and treat it as an equal to the stuff inside (not to be confused with the inside stuff– my liver is currently writhing in pain).

At any rate, I’m taking this birthday weekend as a new beginning of sorts.  From here on out, I’m taking advantage of and fully appreciating this free time I’m living on, and treating my body with new respect by only eating and drinking things that will benefit it.

Who’s with me?  Just joking.  Sort of.

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partying is such sweet sorrow

Last night went off without a hitch!  When I woke up yesterday and still didn’t have a voice, things looked a little bleak, but I went the whole day without talking (yeah, right) and drank approximately 34 gallons of water and managed to scrounge up a little sangin’ for the show.   The audience held some pleasant surprises, too– a great group of friends and family came, some of whom I hadn’t seen in years and had no idea would be coming.  Ahh!  I’m still a little giddy from all the energy.  If you came last night, thanks!  It meant a lot to me having you there.

I played with Jessica Errett (check out her solo stuff here and her work with Edge of Arbor here), who is about equal parts pretty and talented.  What a gal.  I also had Mama Vaughan tape a couple clips for the express purpose of this blog, how technologically savvy I’ve become… anyway, check it out:

Now I’m trying to get back into work mode– it’s been a week since I’ve been on the job, and I’m downright nervous!  I like where I work, and I have a lot of fun with the people there, but I always get a little anxious before I get there.  Does that happen to anybody else?

Well, that’s about it for today.  Happy hump day, y’all.

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ever wonder how the lazy river got its name?

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be from a small family.  Concepts like being able to name all one’s second cousins and not having to stand guard over one’s plate at the dinner table just seem very foreign to me, coming from a family of 18 aunts and uncles.  And that’s just one-twelfth of the original family.  About 600 members of my extended family (branching from my great-grandparents, Ma and Pa, to their twelve kids on down through the fourth and fifth generation Vaughans) met in Omaha this past week to celebrate family and Irish-American heritage.  It was a crazy weekend full of bagpipery, waterparkery, and beer-drinkery.  Unfortunately, I got sick AGAIN (immune system, what gives?), and had to miss out on most of the fun on Sunday so I could sit home with a bottle of Nyquil, but luckily I got a few healthy days in to spend time with lovely family (including, but not limited to this tiny nephew:)

Anyway, now I’m back to business, getting ready for a show tomorrow at The Sydney in Benson.  I played there once before and had a really enjoyable time with a great turnout.  Today I have to keep chugging water and Nyquil in hopes of getting my voice back (it WILL come back!), and figure out a set list for tomorrow.  I have a pretty good idea of which of my songs I’ll play, but I want to learn a couple covers for tomorrow to keep things interesting.  Any ideas?

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