chihuahuas que macarenarse

That was a long break, huh? I might be a commitmentphobe when it comes to this crazy little thing called blog. At any rate, the last time we were both here it was all the way back on October 28th– since then, in addition to dressing up as a conservative (in the cleavage sense, not the political one) witch for the Vaughan family Halloween party and eating an inordinate amount of turkey in a thankish way, I’ve been starting into a few musical side projects, writing a few songs, and booking/playing a bunch o’ gigs here in Omaha.

It feels good to be getting out there, making music with other people again– this girl-with-piano stuff starts to get lonely!– but already I’m getting a little anxious. How will I watch my requisite eight episodes of How I Met Your Mother each day with all these practices going on? Who will teach Small Dog how to macarena? In a lucky/unlucky twist, I don’t have a job at the six months post-graduation point (the manager dude at a restaurant down the street looked at my resume, sighed and told me I didn’t have enough experience to be a hostess. Sigh is right, Manager Dude). Although this means that I have exactly twenty-two cents in my savings account, it does give me the opportunity to go play my little heart out much more than I’ve gotten to in the past.

Maybe I’ll check back in next month (next YEAR!) and let you know that it wasn’t worth it– December would’ve been better spent learning the art of hostessing and saving a little money to finally leave M&D to their empty nesters’ reverie. But I guess you gotta get up to get down.

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