what it looked like

parrot teacher committee:

a pumpkin-chocolate-chip-cookie- and google images-fueled photo time capsule by tara v.

stayed here 2.5 weeks and ne'er a mosquito did i see.

I ran out of money but had the good fortune to be in DC at the time, so I took advantage of all the free Smithsonian museums. Thought to myself, We're not in 'Braska anymore, Todo, and giggled like you do when you're alone in a museum.

the almost-view from my almost-new apartment. my almost-life.

Got to see the oldest, wisest Vaughan make Tech Sergeant - pictured here with the tiniest, stinkiest Vaughan, who pinned his dad along with the help of his hot mama.

homecoming. and it really was!

dirty jerz part 2: in which a small person learns to walk. and if you're wondering about the fabulous J.Lo-worthy chambray jumpsuit, that is definitely an aunt-present. he'll thank me later.

I stuck around the east coast long enough to welcome Lu back from Puerto Rico. I forgot my camera, but it sort of looked like this (mainly the contrasting hair colors part).

didn't have a camera this morning when i said g'bye to the vaughan boys, but i bet this is what that looked like.

And now to Omaha!

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