death (of, by) autotune

On Monday, I got to spend a little time with one of my favorite Bostonians, John Clark, who is basically the Pied Piper of college a cappella groups.  He’s produced all of sQ!‘s cds since I’ve been around and is one entertaining dude.  My goodness, I’m gonna miss those days in the attic…  Anyway, I needed to record a couple things for our new cd (coming this spring!), so I got to hang with him for a little bit.

In addition to being funny (I think), bat shit goofy, and hug-ready at all times, the members of sQ! are incredibly supportive of each other.  They’ve been there for my very best and verrry worst, but the relevant example right now is neither– this past year, I really wanted to write a song for the group and perform it.  This could’ve turned out terribly, but they agreed to do it and were really encouraging.  The song took me a long time to write; I guess when you’re working on something that you’re making 13 people take part in, the stakes feel a little higher.  What I ended up with is sort of a coming-of-age song about realizing the need to be able to make mistakes to learn and live up to your own expectations, rather than anyone else’s (seems to be a theme…).  I finished the song on my 22nd birthday and named it ’22.’

sQ!’s recording process usually consists of taking a day or two at the end of each semester where we record 2-4 songs to represent that semester on the cd.  During those days, two people record their parts at a time, starting with the basses, moving up through the sopranos, then finishing with vocal percussion and soloist.  After all the initial groundwork is laid, John (Pied Piper) picks the tracks apart, cutting, snipping, and tuning things down to make everything smooth and sounding cd-worthy.

Right now 22 and all the other songs on the upcoming album are still in the beginning stages of recording, so John’s production work is all just beginning.  I posted a clip of 22 here— just the bare, rough recording of the song, pre-production.  I can’t wait to hear it and the other songs transform as the production process gets underway!

I also got some time in on my own cd during this trip, but more on that next time!

A buncha internet love,

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2 Responses to death (of, by) autotune

  1. Pepper says:

    I’m gonna miss those days in Da Attic Sudio as well. Can’t wait to hear our tracks!

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