3 weeks later

I keep starting to feel bad for not updating this thang called blog, but then remind myself that a) it’s MY blog, and i’ma do what I want, and b) who really gives a shit.  Ah, love ya internal dialogue, you keep me so young.  Anyway, at the moment I’m sitting on the floor in Adam and Harper’s living room in New Jersey, trying to map out these next couple weeks of my east coast trip (I’m on the coast!  Who knew?) and trying to map out my life in a couple ways.  As I said a few too many times in other posts, I really do enjoy my job in Omaha, and I can’t say enough good things about my family and friends, but I’ve just started to feel a little…stifled.  Being on the road and on my own has helped clear my head a little bit more than being back home had already cleared it, and I’m feeling really fresh and positive.  I also skipped my flight back to Omaha in favor of bumming around eastern states for an indefinite amount of time, which feels kind of dangerous and free, and has given me a new outlook on making spur of the moment decisions, because, once again…who really gives a shit?

That’s really all I can definitely put together today, but maybe next time I’ll have a few new plans in the blogomix!  That gooey, gooey blogomix.

Wait!  I DO have something else…  Vid’yas!  I went to Boston last week to sing with my college a cappella group at freshman orientation, and another group sang a Grace Potter song, so I’ve been that kinda mood lately…

and if you’re interested in my group, check out this one of us singing my song ’22’:

and have a good one!


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