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1, 2, buckle my shoe/here’re some songs by badass womenfolk, hope you like ’em too: tightrope, janelle monae– i adore this woman, these outfits, this dance, this video concept, the old catholic grade school feel. oh yeah, and the song. … Continue reading

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temporary roots

I think I’m losing my mind.  Or maybe just the ability to make it up.  In the two months before graduation, I moved swiftly between my ‘Be Broke In New York’ plan to my ‘Be Broke in San Francisco’ plan, … Continue reading

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still haven’t found what i’m looking for

23 is sort of a big deal.  Michael Jordan wore it when he played for the Chicago Bulls, Jim Carrey made a movie out of it (although, since it came after Ace Ventura, I have a feeling it wasn’t a … Continue reading

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partying is such sweet sorrow

Last night went off without a hitch!  When I woke up yesterday and still didn’t have a voice, things looked a little bleak, but I went the whole day without talking (yeah, right) and drank approximately 34 gallons of water … Continue reading

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ever wonder how the lazy river got its name?

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be from a small family.  Concepts like being able to name all one’s second cousins and not having to stand guard over one’s plate at the dinner table just seem very foreign to … Continue reading

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